ELEVEN HAWKS are about locally produced craft lagers inspired by science, history and curiosity. We’re not reinventing the wheel, rather we’re putting our own unique spin on it. This is achieved through scientific research, experimentation and clever scheming. Every lager is crisp, clean and refreshing, but ELEVEN HAWKS craft lagers are much more than this. Experiment with ELEVEN HAWKS and discover more.


ELEVEN HAWKS started as a friendly home brewing competition between two share houses many years ago. Looking back, you would not drink what was brewed then, but during the intervening years, our tastes, as well as our brewing methods have been refined.

We believe that brewing quality beer is more of a science than an art; you just have to get the science right. Since the grim beginnings of using store bought home brew kits and baths full of water as temperature control during fermentation, the original two houses have combined. Many additions and alterations to the setup have been made. Many brews have been prepared and consumed in the name of science. Each brew a step closer to our ELEVEN HAWKS CRAFT BREWING company.





The Coastal Craft Lager uses European lager yeast to give a clean, crisp, refreshing lager that showcases our international hop blend. The pilsner malt base is supported by additions of wheat malt and oats for a spicy flavour and creamy mouthfeel. Kohatu, Amarillo and Rakau hops are used to give respective melon, citrus/grapefruit and stone fruit flavour and aroma to create a refreshing and flavoursome session beer.



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